Development of Innovative Monitoring Technologies

The current situation with the COVID-19 clearly demonstrates the importance of real time data for
guiding the overall disease mitigation strategies. The same principle holds true for the design of
measures to prevent infrastructure failures, since both abiotic corrosion and MIC are highly dynamic processes. Early detection of conditions that favour the initiation of MIC, such as biofilm formation and changes in the local environment due to microbiological activity, is a powerful tool enabling proactive measures with minimal interference to process workflows, equipment and environment. Thus, the main objective of WG3 is to collect and screen available monitoring strategies and sensor technologies to identify technological gaps and to devise concepts for the development of field-capable monitoring methods and sensors. A special focus will be on the identification of technologies that are currently not applied to MIC. Companies in sensor technologies, especially start-ups in the field of biotechnology, will be rostered and contacted to join the dedicated meetings as well as the COST Action. WG4 will translate the outcome into joint project applications at EU and international level to accelerate the development of new strategies in MIC monitoring.