Achieving Standardization

The transition of new detection and mitigation methods into routine process control and inspection measures requires the availability of standardized procedures. Thus, the outcome of the WG2, WG3 and WG4 will be reviewed to select candidates for standardization. The Action will increase the presence in relevant standardization committees such as NACE International, ASTM, Energy Institute, DNV GL and ISO and initiate round robin tests for selected technologies, as is appropriate.

In early 2024, EURO-MIC WG5 is keen to support several Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) – Euro-MIC linked to the development a relatively simple test protocol to reproduce and characterise MIC in the laboratory using common environmental samples and analytical methods.  The combination of analytical methods used must be capable of distinguishing between MIC and abiotic corrosion on the test specimen, hence the essential use of controls.

You can download the document: WG5 pilot study MIC test procedure

WG5 is interested in understanding the applicability of the protocols to other test environments and industrial sectors, as such the STSMs will provide funded opportunities for exchange visits to EURO-MIC laboratories.  If you wish to learn more about getting involved, please contact me at j.a.wharton@soton.ac.uk.