Euro-MIC was created to detect the challenges of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in Europe and to reduce and avoid the risk associated with it.

Euro-MIC is specifically seeking scientific solutions to MIC with a view to establishing a common European standard.


The Euro-MIC COST-Action message:


We believe there is value in diversity. We are all different, which is why it is important to establish a common set of values. Our commitment to ethical behaviour and strong moral foundations are the most important elements of Euro-MIC COST-Action. We are committed to operating on the basis of a fair ethical culture and good practice.

We are planning for the long term, and we believe that the challenges of MIC can only be met if we take ethical responsibility for our principles, both as individuals and as members of the Euro-MIC COST-Action initiative. We ask Euro-MIC COST-Action members to act ethically and in accordance with Euro-MIC values and interests at all times.

We thank our Euro-MIC COST-Action partners for upholding our values and for helping us to do the right thing. Doing it right and doing it well means that as professionals we not only craft carefully, honestly and at a high standard, but that we also keep integrity and honesty at the forefront of our minds at all times. We only work with partners who have an impeccable human rights and compliance background. We are vigilant in ensuring that all our operations comply with the Euro-MIC Code of Conduct.


1. About the Code of Conduct

The Euro-MIC COST-Action CODE OF CONDUCT is a statement of our ethical commitment and serves as a guide to all our partners. We are committed to working and cooperating in a lawful, ethical and transparent manner in the operation of Euro-MIC COST-Action.

This document applies to all individuals and legal entities working for Euro-MIC COST-Action in any capacity, as well as to any organisations that we come into contact with in the course of our activities.

Euro-MIC COST-Action requests and expects all members of its team to be impartial and honest in all matters related to their activities. We ask everyone with whom we work to act in general good faith and not to do anything that would undermine the trust necessary for a good working relationship.

The success and effectiveness of our work is based on the above. We can only be credible by always sticking to our commitment to fairness and to achieving our objectives in an ethical manner. We ask and expect everyone who works with us to adhere to our Code of Conduct, both in their professional and personal activities, and to treat everyone with respect, honesty and fairness.

The Euro-MIC COST-Action Working Group is open to all questions and their answers at all times. Euro-MIC COST-Action members have a special responsibility to demonstrate the importance of the Code of Conduct through their behaviour. They are responsible for addressing in a timely manner any ethical, moral, professional issues or concerns that may arise. They have a duty to cooperate in any investigation of possible or alleged ethical misconduct.


2. Principles and values of the Euro-MIC COST-Action Working Group

The core values of Euro-MIC COST-Action:

High professional and ethical standards, adaptability, fairness, credibility, quality, responsibility, reliability, compliance with standards.


3. Ethical decision-making

Ethical behaviour means value-driven decision making. A few key questions can help you to identify unethical, inappropriate or illegal situations. Ask yourself:

Is what I am doing legal? ● Is it consistent with the values and ethics of Euro-MIC COST-Action? ● Does it comply with the Code and other rules/regulations? ● Am I respecting the rights of others? ● Is my decision and conduct acceptable to the public? ● Am I being true to my family and myself? ● What would I tell my child to do in the same situation? Have I been asked to do something differently or to deviate from normal processes?


4. Compliance with legislation

Our commitment to fairness starts with compliance with the law and other legal regulations. The Euro-MIC COST-Action Work Group operates in compliance with the law. We do our utmost to ensure that we operate in a dynamic and changing legal environment.

We respect all our valid contractual obligations and do not abuse our rights.

Anyone working with Euro-MIC COST-Action must comply at all times with all laws and regulations, including the Code of Conduct as an internal regulator, and ensure that they operate in accordance with it.


5. Fair Work

Euro-MIC COST-Action is committed to equality and to legal and fair professional practice. We condemn any form of illegal, unfair or unethical employment that exploits the workforce, damages the social security system or leads to tax evasion.

We provide a safe and secure working environment for our employees.


6. Discrimination and harassment free

Discrimination, harassment or rude treatment are prohibited. Direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of any characteristic or circumstance, such as sex, marital status, age, national or social or ethnic origin, religious or political opinion, disability, sexual orientation, membership of an interest group, property, birth or other status is prohibited. Any discriminatory behaviour, harassment, intimidation or bullying is prohibited.

Euro-MIC COST Action members are expected to express themselves in a manner based on mutual respect in all their verbal and written communications. It is expected that they will refrain from harassment, defamation or any behaviour that could be perceived by others as violent, intimidating, humiliating or offensive.

Any professional disagreement should not lead to conflict and should be resolved through professional discussion.


7. Human rights

Euro-MIC COST Action is particularly attentive in its observance of human rights, not least because of its operational profile. We are committed to respecting the dignity and human rights of all individuals and communities. We do not cause or contribute to human rights violations in any form. At Euro-MIC COST-Action, we welcome and treat everyone with dignity, respect and care, and respect their human dignity and human rights.


8. Sustainability, environmental protection

Euro-MIC COST-Action is committed to meeting our current needs without compromising the opportunities of future generations. We therefore operate in a way that takes into account economic, environmental and social factors.


9. Asset protection and the proper use of Euro-MIC COST-Action tools

We are responsible for the security, protection and economic use of resources. Our resources, such as time, materials, equipment and information, may only be used for legitimate purposes. Casual private use is not allowed.

Everyone must observe security measures and treat both tangible and intangible assets with respect, not misuse or neglect them.

Everyone must respect the rules of health and safety in the workplace and during work.

Work must be carried out with due regard for the safety of persons and property.


10. Fair cooperation

Professional cooperation at Euro-MIC COST-Action is based on trust and mutual benefit from scientific results, with a view to solving the challenges of MIC. We are committed to ethical and fair scientific work, according to the rules of the discipline. We refrain from any behaviour that could damage the reputation of Euro-MIC COST Action or its collaborators.

We ask those who come into contact with us in any way to protect the reputation and credibility of Euro-MIC COST-Action.

We do not offer or solicit illegal payments or favours, or engage in illegal arrangements to exclude anyone.


11. Anti-corruption

We strongly condemn all forms of corruption. Directly or indirectly offering, promising, providing, soliciting or accepting any unfair advantage or benefit for any commercial purpose is prohibited. An unfair advantage or benefit can be constituted by money, cash substitute vouchers, gifts, credit lines, discounts, travel, personal benefits, accommodation or services. In order to ensure or expedite due process, we do not allow the unlawful provision of property to officials or employees of business operators. Corruption also includes influence-peddling, where an individual gives the impression that he or she is influencing a decision-maker unfairly.

Corruption, whether for commercial gain or for other economic advantage, is a serious abuse. Similarly, accepting a bribe or allowing another to accept a bribe is a serious offence.


12. Confidentiality, information security, protection of intellectual property

Euro-MIC COST-Action attaches great importance to the confidentiality and security of all information and data that it receives in the course of its activities, and therefore appropriate technical security measures are in place that all contributors are obliged to maintain.

The security arrangements are regularly monitored and reviewed.

Euro-MIC COST-Action l collaborators are obliged to keep information confidentially. All information security rules must be respected at all times.

We respect the intellectual property of others. We will not obtain, acquire or seek to obtain trade secrets or other proprietary or confidential information by improper means. We will not engage in unauthorized use, copying, distribution or modification of protected intellectual property.


13. Accounting, fair reporting and financial integrity

We prepare and maintain our accounts, records, and financial reports in reasonable detail, and in a manner that fairly and accurately reflects our transactions. We deplore all forms of money laundering and are committed to dealing only with partners who are engaged in legitimate activities from legitimate sources.

We ensure that financial events are properly recorded and documented, and that the financial statements we publish are complete, honest, accurate, timely and understandable.


14. Data protection, protection of personal data

In the operation of Euro-MIC COST-Action, we respect everyone’s right to privacy and recognise the need of our partners and other natural persons to be assured that their personal data are processed fairly and only for lawful purposes and the necessary scope and duration. We are committed to complying with data protection legislation. We only obtain and process personal data that is necessary and provide adequate information to data subjects about those activities. We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data through appropriate information security measures.


15. Information

Euro-MIC COST-Action is committed to being proactive in the MIC challenge. It aims to pool knowledge to promote Europe’s independence.

We believe in assertive communication and good practice, and we believe that resilience also works in the context of MIC.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

Euro-MIC COST-Action Members