Intersectoral bridging

 The establishment of interdisciplinary collaboration and the generation of a common language/terminology are of utmost importance to accelerate progress in diagnosis, monitoring and mitigation of MIC. 

A solid basis of trust between the different actors is particularly needed for defining a research agenda that will utilize the state-of-the-art methods and expertise already available in academic institutions to address the actual needs of industry. This will help providing a solid basis of trust between the disparate parties associated with MIC issues. 

Thus, the aim of the WG1 is to provide a platform for knowledge sharing and critically reviewing the status quo in MIC, which can form the basis of a road map for the next decade of MIC research.

Free E-course on MIC and Corrosion Threat Assessment

This free course is sponsored by the EUROMIC project under COST Action 20130. The course introduces the process used for assessing MIC and other corrosion threats, and the types of information needed to make decisions about corrosion threats. The course is provided on the LearnWorlds online learning platform. 

To register, users just click on the link (https://mic-academy.mylearnworlds.com/course/cost-assessing-micto join the course, create a username and password, and then you are all set to go.

Having an account allows you to complete the course on your own schedule and your progress will be saved. Once registered, the material is available to you for one year.

The course contains:

  • Over 6 hours of learning activities over 8 individual lessons
  • 53 different learning activities (lectures, case studies, articles, assignments, self-assessments, etc.)
  • A certificate of completion is given once all of the learning activities are completed


Good luck with the new online course from Euro-MIC!