Maria is a member within the Euro-MIC COST framework. This project is funded by the European Union and enables scientists to bridge knowledge and capabilities across countries and disciplines.

Summary of the experiences and competences of Maria

Maria is a senior researcher with over 12 years experience in marine biofilms as part of biofouling and microbiologically induced corrosion issues. She has mainly focused on biofilm related projects in the maritime sector (shipping, renewable energy, aquaculture). She is using a variety of tools, ranging from molecular, advanced microscopy and microfluidics to understand how biofilms interact with a surface (e.g. plastics, metallic and antifouling surfaces). Maria also explores biomimetic and environmentally friendly approaches to combat biofilm formation. In addition, Maria has expended her expertise by working on projects such as algal restoration; microplastics; biofilms on heritage buildings; and biofilm community composition in response to climate change. She is the Grant Awarding Coordinatorfor the EuroMIC COST Actions as well as the Dissemination Grants Coordinator.

Looking for help? Maria can help you with the following items

Maria is happy to take any questions regarding STSM, ITC and Dissemination calls and assist with related processes. In addition, Maria is open for collaborative work and can provide placements to young career researchers (inlcuding MSc students and above).

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