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Julian is a member within the Euro-MIC COST framework. This project is funded by the European Union and enables scientists to bridge knowledge and capabilities across countries and disciplines.

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My core research focus is to develop a fundamental understanding the surface degradation of metallic materials, and interfaces in and between materials and their environments, to extend structural life and optimise performance. The research has pioneered understanding of electrochemical interfaces, with the ultimate long-term aim of being able to design surfaces for a given application through biofilm/microbe-metal interactions, plus mechanoelectrochemical insights. One of the most critical factors is the accurate prediction of material degradation and structural integrity in complex interfacial operating conditions. Overall, my research is centred on corrosion, with coupled solid mechanics, biofilms and electrochemistry, utilising multiscale and multiphysics experiments and numerical modelling approaches, to gain insights into infrastructure and material performance in terms of a corrosion prognosis under extreme conditions.

Part of the challenge in understanding and predicting MIC is the lack of robust and reproducible model biofilm systems that reflect real-world and operating environments. Furthermore there are no nationally or internationally recognised standards or test methods with which to evaluate microbial control strategies effective against biofilm-mediated corrosion. Our network of industry partners across multiple sectors have informed us that this represents a major roadblock for innovation in this area.

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