Ernesto is a member within the Euro-MIC COST framework. This project is funded by the European Union and enables scientists to bridge knowledge and capabilities across countries and disciplines.

Summary of the experiences and competences of Ernesto

I’m a Senior Product Manager with more than 18 years of experience in international contexts in the oil&gas business and industrial chemistry sector.

During my career, I have managed multidisciplinary teams with people from different nationalities for the achievement of complex objectives in the field of hydrocarbon production and in the marketing & development of chemical products for the petroleum industry.

Determined, confident in my own means, extremely flexible and adaptable, with a strong propensity to the international context.

I have a degree in Civil Engineering and an M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering.

I speak fluent English and French. I have a strong commitment in improving my skills: I recently completed a professional training course in digital marketing techniques.

I’m passionate about strategies that organizations employ to cultivate worker passions as a cornerstone of talent development.

Looking for help? Ernesto can help you with the following items

CHIMEC is an Italian company with more than 50 years of experience in development and application of performance chemicals and technologies for the E&P, Refining and Petrochemical industries.

Experience & Innovation are the key of our constant growth. Today CHIMEC operates in more than 60 countries through its branches and its sales team.

Our core business is chemical treatment in the domain of asset integrity, flow assurance and production optimization.

We have outsatnding expertise in the formulation and application of key chemicals for asset integrity like corrosion inhibitors, scale inbitors, biocides, H2S scavenger, O2 scavenger, pH neutralizers.

We hold a fully equipped laboratory in S. Palomba (Rome) where we are able to tailor made chemicals depending on Client needs.

Our laboratory has the most up-to-date equipment for selection of specialty chemicals like high sher stress autoclaves, RCE, DSL, Stabilty Loop, Rheometers etc.

We produce chemicals in our blending plant.

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Chimec S.p.a.

Via dell’Informatica 5, c/o CHIMEC S.p.a.




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