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Matt is a member within the Euro-MIC COST framework. This project is funded by the European Union and enables scientists to bridge knowledge and capabilities across countries and disciplines.

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My expertise lies in understanding and managing problems associated with microbiological biofouling in the Energy Industry, namely in conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon recovery.

Main areas of interest:
– Oilfield reservoir souring and MIC
– Souring remediation and control
– Laboratory-based oilfield microbiology pressurised simulation studies (extreme environment testing)
– Oilfield reservoir souring forecasting and modelling

Alongside my role at Rawwater, I am currently undertaking a part-time PhD in Environmental Geochemistry and Geomicrobiology at the University of Manchester.

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Over the last decade, I have worked on further developing theextreme environment testing capabilities in high-pressure bioreactors to better understand microbial communities under simulated subsurface PT and flowing conditions.

In addition, I lead the forecasting and modelling capabilities to better understanding oilfield reservoir souring.

I’m very keen to collaborate with industry partners and academia on new subsurface challenges in the Energy sector.


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Culcheth Enterprise Centre, Withington Avenue

Culcheth, Warrington


United Kingdom

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