COST Action CA20130 was invited to give a presentation at NCC18 in Turku, Finland, from May 31 to June 2, 2022 on the latest developments of our work and plans for the future. It was very well received by the audience.

Since 1954, the Nordic Corrosion Conference (NCC) has gathered researchers from all Nordic countries to network, exchange ideas, and present the latest results on the multilateral field of corrosion. Åbo Akademi University organizes the conference. After the successful NCC meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2018, the next 18th NCC meeting takes place in Turku, Finland.

Over the three days, the 18th NCC will address the newest developments in corrosion research, covering various industrial applications and technological areas. To name a few, the broad variety of topics contains fundamental research, equipment method, material design, and corrosion prevention.

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