Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) Grants

Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) Grants Dear Euro-MIC members, We are pleased to inform you that this year within the CA20130 – COST action ITC-Grants for young researchers and innovators (under the age of 40 from ITC or NNC) will be approved for young researchers for participation in the EUROCORR 2024 conference, which will be held […]


Chemplate Materials, S.L. is allocated in Barcelona (Spain) and is dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and sale of chemical products and additives, for the sectors of electroplating, anti-corrosion processes, technical coatings and electronics. With the support of the CDTI, we developed our first research projects for the circuit manufacturing sector, and recently we participated […]

06/27/2023 ISMOS9

EuroMIC partners are invited to participate in 9th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY IN OIL SYSTEMS (ISMOS), the largest event discussing microbiology and molecular biology in the oil and gas industry. ISMOS9 in Edinburgh will explore the application of emerging microbial and molecular tools to help resolve challenges faced by the industry. […]