Chemplate Materials, S.L. is allocated in Barcelona (Spain) and is dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and sale of chemical products and additives, for the sectors of electroplating, anti-corrosion processes, technical coatings and electronics. With the support of the CDTI, we developed our first research projects for the circuit manufacturing sector, and recently we participated in European EUROSTARS projects and CDTI collaborative projects. Since our creation we have achieved great growth, due to the quality of our products and the growth experienced by the national market.

Thanks to our long experience and the high training of our staff, we are very knowledgeable about the market in which we operate. We try to anticipate their needs, through continuous monitoring of our clients and market trends, directly or indirectly, through our national and international commercial network.

We are up to date with the trends and new technologies that are appearing, through the continuous analysis of the actions of our competition, the monitoring of multiple specialized magazines and the regular participation in fairs of the sector. These aspects influence our business strategy, whose success is confirmed by the positioning acquired and the results obtained, due to the great acceptance and prestige that our products and machinery have.

Role of Chemplate Materials in Euro-MIC

Chemplate Materials contributes to the Euro-MIC project with specialist knowledge on protection coatings, surface and water treatment technologies.

Additionally, Dr. Andreu Ruiz from Chemplate Materials contributes as intensive participant in Working Group 3 and 4 for investigating monitorization and mitigation methods of microbial influence during corrosion in surface materials.

Contact details :

c/ Empordà, 23.

Pol. Industrial Can Bernades-Subirà 08130 Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona) Spain

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