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Theo is a member within the Euro-MIC COST framework. This project is funded by the European Union and enables scientists to bridge knowledge and capabilities across countries and disciplines.

Summary of the experiences and competences of Theo

With a scientific background rooted in innovation and strategy, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. As an Innovation & Strategy Advisor, my work revolves around IP Strategy and Technology Transfer. Additionally, I have the privilege of being the founder of the Greek Scientists Society (GSS), which stands as the largest network of Scientists & Technologists in Greece. Through this platform, I can effectively assist and facilitate the dissemination of information, organize conferences and workshops using our dedicated event platform, and even develop training schools to foster knowledge transfer.

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I believe in the power of collaboration and networking in driving scientific progress. Being part of Euro-MIC network would provide me with a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse community of researchers on your Action from various disciplines, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and unlocking innovative solutions to complex challenges.
Furthermore, I am passionate about knowledge exchange and dissemination. By participating in WG4, I can actively contribute to the exchange of ideas, methodologies, and best practices among the scientific community. Moreover, I am driven by the desire to contribute to the advancement of science and technology on a broader scale.

Leveraging my expertise in innovation and strategy, I will actively engage in discussions and provide valuable insights to facilitate decision-making processes. Drawing from my experience in organising events (Symposia, Conferences, webinars, workshops, and training schools with an excellent line-up of world renown Speakers) I am dedicated to promoting effective dissemination of the group's outcomes maximizing visibility and engagement.
I can assist in the development of members and common workspace platforms, facilitating the exchange of information, and ensuring that the group's achievements reach a wide audience.


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