We are the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. At SGS, we can help you to effectively mitigate the operational impact of microbes, adding value to each step of field development and long-term energy projects and operations. Our microbial services identify and manage microbial related impacts by location, and to monitor changes in the population numbers and diversity. We then link these to assigned risk and aid the selection of the most appropriate and cost-effective mitigation solutions whilst driving best practices and overall systems control. Combining innovative technology and integrated studies, we provide bespoke mitigation strategies based on state-of-the-art sampling and laboratory workflows, oilfield microbiology consultancy and independent advice.

Role of SGS-MiRAS in Euro-MIC

Working Group 3 Chair / Lead

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Matthew Snape

Stationsplein 6 NL-2275 AZ Voorburg