Novel technologies are great,

but they will never bring the industry to a higher level without people. Within Corrosion Alliance, part of Corronation BV from Spijk, the Eemshaven Groningen, we belief that the real difference is made by people that are responsible to make operational decisions at field level.

At Corrosion Alliance we follow the saying that the proof is in the pudding is in the eating. This mindset gets us to new insights for new solutions. It is at that level that small adjustments can be made to current working statements so that corrosion risks can be mitigated.

This platform is about making sure that the asset owner, supervisor, engineering firm, contractor, subcontractor, CP firm, coating company are aligned from an integrated asset integrity approach. Corrosion knowledge, experience and skills come together for the same purpose. This is lifetime protection of the asset owner’s assets. The Corrosion Alliance is an independent collective of leading experts and firms committed to sharing knowledge, experience and new technologies around the theme of corrosion prevention. The idea for this alliance comes from the understanding that there is a lot of knowledge and insights about the ways to counteract corrosion caused by osmosis, microorganisms, hydrogen, surface prep, construction, material choice, cathodic protection and the environmental conditions for installation and when in service.

Role of Corrosion Alliance in Euro-MIC

We represent the role of science communication officer.

Within the involved companies and knowledge institutes, there is a lot of knowledge. Ground breaking research results, interesting insights into microbial behahaviour, new modes of actions. Our aim is to valorize this information and reach out to people in the industry to share this novelties with them and find ways to implement them in such a way, that it will improve the status quo.

Contact Details

Herman de Vries

Corrosion Alliance is operated by Imbuss BV

Phone: +31 850 488 296
Tjariet 3,
9909BZ Spijk