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Abdelkader is a member within the Euro-MIC COST framework. This project is funded by the European Union and enables scientists to bridge knowledge and capabilities across countries and disciplines.

Summary of the experiences and competences of Abdelkader

I am corrosion expert with more than 20 years in corrosion science and engineering fields including academia and industry. I have high skills in electrochemistry and materials science. I can help on MIC cases investigation and studies to elucidate the contribution of microorganisms. i have been in touch with subject since 2015 starting with role of biofilm on crevice corrosion propagation on corrosion resistant alloys in seawater. i also study it for cupronickel used in heat exchangers and carbon steel in soil exposure.

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Technical knowledge sharing, joint publications, seminars/workshops participation with presentations. Seawater testing facilities on the west coast of Sweden.


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Isafjordsgatan 28A RISE AB




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Dr. Abdelkader MEROUFEL
Project Leader

RISE -Materials & production division-.

Research Institutes of Sweden

Kista, 16440 – Sweden

Mobile: (+46) 7 30 47 22 63

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Dr. Abdelkader Meroufel has 21 years of experience in corrosion field addressing various active and corrosion resistant alloys durability challenges in different corrosive environments. He leads corrosion management and mitigation activities within desalination industry (Saudi Arabia) for seven years. His focus was on developing cost-effective solutions to ensure the reliability of power plants, different types of heat exchangers, desalination plant equipments (Pumps, pipes, Tanks,..) for sustainable industry. He continues to provide corrosion expertise consultancies and lead technical and research projects within RISE (Sweden) for different local and global customers from infrastructure and energy sectors. Passionate and resilient, he can build a reputation of fostering innovation starting from a guided curiosity to high-quality outcomes within a positive working environment.


Education                                                                                                                                                        .   


PhD   of Material science & solid chemistry, La Rochelle University, France.

M.Sc. of Physical & mechanical properties of Materials, option: Corrosion, La Rochelle University, France.

  1. Sci. of Industrial Chemistry -Material Engineering-, University of USTO (Oran), Algeria.


Skills                                                                                                                                                                 .


Research projects leading & management, Corrosion studies by electrochemical techniques, Corrosion solutions (coatings, inhibitors) evaluation and validation, materials selection, Cathodic protection, heat exchangers fouling (biofouling and inorganic scaling) control, Materials characterization.


Experience                                                                                                                                                        .


2021-present: Project Leader, RISE AB, Sweden

2020-2021: Senior Researcher, RISE AB, Sweden.

2016-2019: Corrosion Researcher, Saline water conversion corporation, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

2014-2018: Head of Corrosion Dpt., Saline water conversion corporation, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

2012-2014: Corrosion Specialist, Saline water conversion corporation, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

2009-2012: Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia

2007-2009: Postdoctoral Fellow, French Petroleum Institute (IFP), France.

2006-2007: Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department, La Rochelle University, France.

2003-2006: Lecturer, Chemistry Department, La Rochelle University, France.


Affiliation                                                                                                                                                                      .


Journal of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

Journal of Desalination & water Treatment

Journal of Desalination


Languages                                                                                                                                                                         .

Arabic (native), English (fluent), French (fluent), Swedish (beginner).


Computing skills                                                                                                                                                .


Accomplished Seminars                                                                                                                                    .




Publications                                                                                                                               .






  1. “Corrosion and fouling in Desalination industry”, Co-Editor and chapters author, Springer Nature, (2020).
  2. “Corrosion Management and control in Desalination -An industrial guide”, Co-author with Roger Francis, NACE (2023)


Selected scientific Articles.


Erwan Diller, Krystel Pelissier, Abdelkader Meroufel, Nicolas Larché, Kinetic of cathodic disbondement of pipeline coatings in seawater and soils. Corrosion (2023) –under publication

2° Abdelkader Meroufel, Andrew Gordon, Dominique Thierry, Cathodic protection shielding of buried pipeline coatings. Journal of Coatings technology and research (2023). Under publication.

3° Abdelkader Meroufel, Andrew Gordon, Jonas Engblom, Contribution of microbial activity and oxygen to the initial stage of soil corrosion -laboratory study-, Eurocorr proceeding 2022.

4° Abdelkader Meroufel, Clara Linder, Andrew Gordon, Effect of building orientation on corrosion kinetics and mechanism of 3D printed AlSi10Mg alloy in saline medium. Eurocorr proceeding 2022.

F Rouabhia, Y Hamlaoui, Abdelkader Meroufel, F Pedraza. Corrosion properties of ceria-based coating electrodeposited from alkaline bath on electrogalvanized steel. J. of Applied Electrochemistry 51 (2021), 567-580.

6° IB Obot, MM Solomon, IB Onyeachu, SA Umoren, Abdelkader Meroufel, A Alenazi, AA Sorour. Development of green corrosion inhibitor for use in acid cleaning of MSF desalination unit. Desalination 496 (2020), 114675.

7° Abdelkader Meroufel, Qualification of cold applied tapes: part 1. Materials Performance January (2020)

8° Abdelkader Meroufel, Qualification concerns of cold applied tapes: part 2. Materials Performance August (2020)

I.B Obot, A Meroufel, IB Onyeachu, A Alenazi, AA Sorour, Corrosion inhibitors for acid cleaning of desalination heat exchangers, progress, challenges and future perspectives. J. Molecular liquids 296 (2019), 111760.

10° A. Meroufel, M. Ayashi, Ali Al-Sahari, Abdulrahman Alenazi, “Microbial corrosion of MED condenser tubes made of cupronickel alloy”, Materials Performance May (2018).

11° A. Meroufel, M. Ayashi, S. Touzain, Ali Al-Sahari, “Electrochemical study of Microbiological Corrosion of ductile iron in soil simulating solution”, Materials & Corrosion 70 (2018), 897-905.

12° A. Meroufel, Nicolas Larché, Saleh Al Fozan, Dominique Thierry, “Crevice corrosion of stainless steels and nickel alloys – effect of crevice geometry, temperature and seawater world location-“ Desalination and Water Treatment, (2017), 1-8.

13° A. U. Malik, A. Meroufel, Saleh Al-Fozan, “Boiler tubes failures: a compendium of case studies”, Journal of Failure analysis and Prevention 15, (2015), 246-250.

14° Mohammed Al-Hajri, A. U. Malik, A. Meroufel, Fahd Al-Muaili, ‘’ Premature failure of dissimilar metal weld joint at intermediate temperature superheater tube’’, Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis 3 (2015), 96-103.

15° B. Tribollet, J. Kittel, A. Meroufel, F. Ropital, F. Grosjean, E. Sutter, ‘’Corrosion mechanisms in aqueous solutions containing dissolved H2S. Part 2: Model of the cathodic reactions’’, Electrochimica Acta 124 (2014), 46-51.

16° A. U. Malik, Fahd Al-Muaili, Mohammad Al-Ayashi, A. Meroufel, ‘’ An investigation on the corrosion of flue gas sensor in boiler stack’’, Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis 1 (2013), 200-208.

17° A. Meroufel, S. Touzain, “Accelerated ageing of powder zinc-rich paints containing different conductive pigments”. Powder Coating, 20 (2009), 28-32.

18° A. Meroufel, C. Deslouis, S. Touzain, “Electrochemical and anticorrosive performances of zinc-rich and polyaniline powder coatings”, Electrochimica Acta 53, (2008), 2331-2338.

19° A. Meroufel, S. Touzain, “EIS characterization of new zinc-rich powder coatings”, Progr. Org. Coat., 59 (2007), 197-205.