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Geert is a member within the Euro-MIC COST framework. This project is funded by the European Union and enables scientists to bridge knowledge and capabilities across countries and disciplines.

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Geert Potters is the head of the corrosion research team of Antwerp Maritime Academy as well as head of Research for the entire institution. Originally trained not as a maritime scientist but as a plant physiologist, he defended a PhD in the field of antioxidants and plant growth, and went on to research the use of bamboo in a sustainable green economy. However, as a proud resident of Europe’s (second) largest port, he found his way into the maritime sector, helping to set up the corrosion team in 2007, co-authoring a fair number of publications on the subject and mentoring six doctoral dissertations in Nautical Sciences from the Academy. He is currently looking for connections between biology (microorganisms) and the shipping world, and tries to get future captains involved and enthusiastic about sustainable development and a greener world. Corrosion and microbial corrosion are a natural crossroads where all these interests and expertises intersect.
In his spare spare time, he writes for a popular-science blog, podcast, sings (but not in the lab), and likes to confuse honest sailors with words like “multivariate statistics,” “environmental metagenomics,” and “impact factor.”

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Our research team brings two ways to the table:
– we are a maritime research group with a lot of experience in the shipping world. This opens the door to the maritime sector, where (microbial) corrosion is an important topic, but where the connection with the world of science or even of the non-maritime industry is not always easy to establish.
– we have several pilot installations, which function as a living lab ( These Living Labs are locations which act as base of operations for future practice-based research projects. Access to these labs is open for all companies or research groups, preferentially on project basis or in return for common and open analysis of the data we obtained. Should companies prefer to keep their data, market-based values for use of the equipment will be applied.


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