EmCHiE 2023 – Special session “Corrosion and the environment: causes, correlations and consequences”

This event will take place at: 06/05/2023

Corrosion has an obvious economic impact. On average, a country spends 3.8 of its gross national product on preventing or repairing corrosion. For the EU, that amounts to 531 billion EUR, and globally, the total costs rises to a staggering 2.3 trillion EUR. A maritime company spends 19.9% of its added value on corrosion. And worst of all – 15-30% of these costs can be avoided. The gradual destruction of steel, however, has also a deep ecological impact. Every 90 seconds, one tonne of steel disappears, and the replacement thereof releases 1930 kg of CO2. Corrosion is therefore more than a common nuisance. It is a burden for a sustainable society and deserves our attention.

This session wants to study corrosion in industrial and maritime environments, to discuss how this environment influences the rate of corrosion and how we can study the phenomenon in real-life conditions. We will discuss sensor systems, the use of artificial intelligence to model corrosion, and exchange experiences on real-life corrosion cases from ports over wastewater sanitation plants to bridge designs.

Microbial corrosion cases are evidently very welcome!


Questions? you can contact us at: geert.potters@hzs.be